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Pendurance3D Photography has partnered with Matterport.com to provide cutting-edge technology that provides the best in 3D Virtual Reality (VR) photography capabilities. We also offer the capability for agents/businesses to have us create custom branded websites using your logo, portrait, digital marketing content & materials. We can create tailored “vanity” websites as well, with unique URL addresses, to elevate your property above the competition.

For Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Give clients the ability to show properties via a 3D tour and allow views from any sight line in the property. Create highlight clips to focus on key selling points & provide clients with digitally accurate floor plans. Augment selling efforts by embedding the tour on your website.  Agents can also publish the 3D tour on other public outlets like Realtor.com (free) and businesses can add their property tour to Google Street View.

For Meeting Venues, Event & Performance Spaces

Give potential clients a virtual tour and highlight different meeting/event configurations to allow them to assess space potential before setting foot onsite. Provide digitally accurate dimensions to aid in planning/setup, capture event planning/history prior to or post-event to allow for analysis. Capture placement, look & ambience for advertising, before, during or after the event (convention, art exhibit, commercial display).

For Construction, Architecture & Engineering

Assist in planning/assessment of potential work sites to facilitate preparations prior to demolition or hammering the first nail. Provide before, during and post-completion scans to assist in accurate recording of dimensions, planning & project management. Maintain records of decisions, progress and detailed knowledge throughout the remodel/construction process via periodic scans.  Insert digital tags (Mattertags) that can include important information or links to other documentation.

For Insurance & Disaster Recovery

Review & record assets and property setting for business/legal documentation. Assist in recording insurance claims after disaster events. Provide accurate records for use by clients, contractors, architects, engineers & other professionals without them having to set foot onsite.

For Travel & Hospitality

Highlight property features online, draw guests into the location experience with the 3D tour before they walk through the front door. Provide a view of amenities, configurations or offerings with Mattertags within the tour itself which can provide links to other sources of information (booking site, price list, capacity/room info). Provide floor plans with digitally accurate dimensions to allow clients to assess the suitability of the site/venue based on their needs.

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Marketing is key part of any business and the increasing use of 3D digital platform media outlets makes it crucial to take advantage of these expanding opportunities. By developing a partnership with us you will take the first step toward more effective marketing content.  Get started by contacting us today.

We look forward to servicing business in the Delaware Valley including Wilmington, DE, New Castle County, DE, Delaware County, PA, Chester County, PA, Southern New Jersey and the surrounding Delaware Valley area.

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